All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

About this blog

Always wanted to start a personal web page, this was started with my first geocities account, yeah I know very long time ago!
how ever it wasn't the matter if I had time to do so, always questioned the value of the material that I will post a recent incident has changed all that ,and i found myself in need for expressing myself more and find a place to throw away my thoughts sorrows and burdens of my soul, also to say any word about any subject I come across in my every day life, but anyway the true worth of this page will not be for me to judge, your input dear reader will be appreciated but please no hate mail for opinions that might not match your own, I respect you and your opinions no matter what were they and I expect that from every one
what I will post here will range from technical articles about operating systems to social trend and adopted values in this time of rapid changes ,also it will include some of my thoughts and feelings encrypted of course, so if you didn't know what I mean right away ,don't trouble yourself deciphering them.

Please be aware although I tend to write mostly in English but a large portion of the content will be in Arabic ,being a pro Arabic and Arabization myself

hope you all enjoy the reading , that's something I can't promise


Libyan GurL said...

your comments were one of my first on my blog .
it felt good knowing there is others sharing my words
wish you good luck and looking forward to follow your blog.

Allways a Stranger said...

Thanks Libyan Gurl for your visit and will continue to be regular to your blog

مـــــنى و هنـــد said...

what i have red n ur blog really deserve reading go on God bless u

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