All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

Kicking the habit

    My addiction to coffee is  not a secret, I hardly part from my cup of coffee at any moment , always keeping it around  at the edge of my desk, for the joy of the occasional sip, never bothered me  if it was cold.
The news here is my decision to cut down my consumption of coffee to one cup a day!
Alahmdullilah I never had any trouble or any side effects with my excessive drinking of coffee ,
No side effect except the headache when drinking less then the usual amount , but I just know it is wrong and it will get back at me someday.

 here is the plan:

* starting from yesterday I only drink 3 cups of coffee a day
* no sugar was added to my coffee, and if  that doesn't help I'm sure a pinch of salt in every cup will do the trick.
*I wont use Aspirin or Panadol for the headache , I need to show true redemption for my past.

I will update this post about my progress until I become totally free of this addiction :)

Inshallah bless you all and grant you good health

note: this post was edited with the help of a single sip of coffee

* First week updates

    The results are way better then expected so far, only headache for the first two or three days , now i am officially a moderate coffee drinker (3) cups a day, how ever a side effect, I found out I tend to drink more tea, nothing to worry about, but it should be noted not to switch from one addiction to another.

* second week updates
     I didn't drink any coffee for the last week ,yet things went alright , I hardly miss my coffee mug
 wasn't planing to stop drinking coffee for ever, only wanted to be moderate in my habit and I'm sure I can keep it this way


elekomm - إليكــم said...

السلام عليكم

الحمد لله انا لا أشرب القهوة لكن رائحتها تجعلني في كثير من الاحيان اميل في شرب ولو فنجان منها.

الاقلاع عن شرب القهوة قرار صائب ;)


Meme said...


[Lebeeya] said...

Well done! We can start a support group for you if you like, an online long-term rehabilitation, it helps when you are an addict :)

Keep us posted.

All ways a Stranger said...

elekomm شكرا لمرورك مجددا

meme you actually speak my words , I would love to try every thing , but as you are saying i get worried of my addictive personality, thus i would do much of thinking before trying a new thing specially if it was enjoyable!

Lebeeya no need for support groups, so far things were easier than i expected, which made me think of raising the roof of my expectations.

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