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Happey new year 2010

Today is the last day of this year 2009; I would like to remember some of the event of this year, their consequences, and their effect in the years to come, it’s an end of an interesting decade Indeed.
First I would like to think locally within the Libyan borders
One of the major events of this year was the decision made by many Libyans to challenge the official announcement of Eid Aladha day, and the responses from Libyan authorities
For the first time there was a wide challenge to the date set by Alawqaf authority and the center of remote sensing and space since, some might like to think that is up to the level of defiance to the components of the Libyan government, my opinion about the whole issue is that it was actually allowed to pass as a sign and a message from the Libyan government institution announcing maybe a beginning of a new era, at least I hope so, IMHO if it wasn’t allowed by the government then it wouldn’t happen in the first place
Then this now ending year have seen the kick start of one of the most important project yet to be done in Libya, it is the national payment project, yeah it came so late , but none the less it’s there now growing up and evolving, maybe in a scale less then hoped initially , but each and every  step matters
Many other ambitious projects have started as well in many fields, specially the infra structure and education sectors, also in tourism communication and oil industry
On the Arabic countries level few major events has happened as well, and as usual hardly anything promising
Aside from the current war in Yemen or the continuance of violence in Iraq the main core of the Arabic struggle remain the same, which is of course the Palestinian cause , hardly any improvements in the situation of the besieged  Gaza sector , which hurt the most it is made mostly by efforts of the Egyptian government trying to block any mean of aid or human daily needs to reach the very needy people of Gaza and it’s refugee camps, all is done under the flimsy excuse that this is the only way to make Hamas government in the sector to reconcile with the Palestinian authority run by the remains of the PLO in Ramallah, what a shame!
Also the events following the football match in Sudan between the Egyptian national team and the Algerian national team in world cup clarification match,  including of the violence in the street of Cairo and the exposure of the ugly face of the Egyptian propaganda machine , and the surface of the ugly racism  shown by many of the Egyptian prominent  society members starting with movie stars and TV personalities ending with some political figures within the Egyptian regime , that was also a shameful moment of the year 2009
I would love to look at the other full half of the glass, but I simply can’t find it, my only hope is that these events may become lessons will be learned and not repeated in the near future
Also in the last two months was the finical crises or maybe disaster the struck the city of Dubai  and its major investment projects, maybe it is a passing cloud or maybe it’s a warning of the risks that the future may have , hopefully the situation is in its way to resolve now.
Globally this year have seen so many, wars ended in places to start somewhere else, the global economy is in way of recovery of the global recession , and the end of the first year of Obama in the white house
One of the events of this year was the compromise of the Global warming theories , for the first time it is possible to question these theories by researchers  whom oppose it , or have doubts around it’s claimed catastrophic results, also the theft or maybe leak of many email  correspondences between some of the main researchers in the field that show them conspire to hide any data that may prove some errors of  their conclusions , that dealt a blow to the whole issue or global warming , and the effects that  reached the Copenhagen summit maybe was the reason behind the absence of true results
For the Internet and information technology the changes were also noticeable , the most important the raise of social networking sites ,mainly Facebook and twitter (both have never been understood by the writer of these lines J).
And then two major operating systems have been released (snow leopard , and Windows 7)
a new smart phones operating system (android from Google )  has entered the market to compet with windows mobile Iphone and symbian , which all have their share of loyal users
many has happened in 2009, I may not remember or list them all, only the things I think of the most.
Can’t wait to see what it will be in the 2010 , I have so many big plans for it and I guess this the year and the time of true change
Happy new year everyone!
Hope this year be the year of hopes and dreams to come true.


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