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Truth on a silver platter

    Years ago I had a video game which I really liked, the game name was Deus EX, it was a first person game , the main theme of the game was conspiracy theories, where is the player have to find a way to finish the game in a way of his choice , within the game itself there were a lot of dialogues and  conversation between the main character of the game and other characters ,the setting of the game was to happen in the future ,where is the world under threat by terrorist organizations ,incurable  disease , and total chaos.
When the game go forward few levels you became to know something else involved, which is a conspiracy to take over the world, while continuing the game you get more and more into historical details of the free masons and the illuminati groups.
Although it was a mere game, it was enough for me to spark an interest on researching the subject, I got heavily caught up with conspiracy theories , read a great deal about it from books and from the internet, contacted many people who wrote and talked about the subject, then after a while I believed that already know enough to make my own opinion and that was it.
In recent years this subject became a large market for anyone who doesn’t have anything better to do, libraries are full of books all talking about the different aspects of these theories.
Also it became a battle front for these groups to make more claims about their origins, and to falsify facts ,as if they own the largest PR in the world.

 The reason of this post is this ,lately a friend of mine sent me a link to a web site, my friend said that I should view it and give my opinion about it
The web page title is The Arrivals, it feature a series of 52 video segments numbered as an Intro and 51 episodes
I started to view them one by one, it took a lot of time to do so and a lot of bandwidth of my internet account too :D , but I didn’t want to stop before seeing the whole deal, the contents ranged from proven historical facts to some stupid and naïve theories and conclusions ,it was a mix of almost all known conspiracy theories and various religious speeches including noble verses  from the holy Quran and lectures by some notable sheikhs.
 I agree with the series in some parts and disagree on others, but that us another story and I’m not about to start another series  to publish my views .

The most of the videos are “barrowed” from some large movies; the matrix trilogy and the lord of the ring trilogy constitute the largest portion of them, kind of a weak point really for someone with a large subject like this, I believe they should strictly depended on genuine original materials, instead of “barrowing”  from other people work.
The point those episodes try to prove, is the existence of a large world conspiracy and that the goal of that conspiracy is the prepare for the coming of the Dajjal !!!
You can see the makers of the series are trying hard to prove their point , using all what they can to do so, sadly that lead to the longevity  of the series and sometimes to the point where you get that little voice in your head telling you skip the whole thing and go for the final episode.
Shall I advice anyone to view???
Yes, of course IMHO you should!
But my true opinion of the subject, is that you already have all what you need, the only thing that will never guide anywhere but to the truth it self
No hidden agenda appears only at the end of a long growling hours spent gazing into your computer screen
Where is the true guide of all this
It’s the holy Quran; there you have all guidance you need, it is the Truth on a silver platter 
It was my opinion before seeing these episodes and still is after.

No worries of some humans running around doing secret handshakes, wearing ridiculous clothing and making all the pagan rituals they do.
Let them claim and falsify all the stories of their origins, do all they can do of planning and try the hardest they can.
Allah sees all they are doing
My apologies if this post was weird or boring, I tried to make it as short as possible 

Here is the link I had got from my friend
for those who like to have an independent mind, go watch it and make your own opinions , try to distinguish the truth from lies



مـــــنى و هنـــد said...

السلام عليكم...من فترة شاهدت بعض الأجزاء من هذا العمل ولكن إنتابني شعور غير مريح فمن هم؟ وماهو هدفهم؟لم أستطيع أن اجد إجابة فلجأت لسؤال أحد الأشخاص المثقفون دينيا ممن أثق فيهم وكانت إجابته أن كل ماأحتاج اليه من علامات ذلك اليوم هو ماذكر في القرأن وفي أبسط أجزائه جزء عم فطويت صفحة هذه السلسلة ولم أكملها بعد ...هناك مقولة دائما أسمعها وأؤمن بها في مثل هذه المواقف استفتي قلبك ولو أفتوك وقلبي لم يرتح أبدا لهذا العمل
هذا رأي وكلامي صواب يحتمل الخطأ أو خطأ يحتمل الصواب كهذا العمل تماما والله أعلم
شكرا أخي

All ways a Stranger said...

الاخت منى
لا يعدوا الامر الاستماع الى جانب من جوانب الموضوع, لا اود الدخول في المجادلة على صحة اي من النظريات المطروحة
لا الومك على عدم اكمال السلسة فهي طويلة زيادة عن الحد, فلا يستحق الموضوع هذا العدد الهائل من الحلقات
لربما كان قرارك صائبا بعدم متابعه الحلقات فمن البداية تشعر بشئ لا يرغب صانع السلسة التقديم به اولا
وتتضح الصورة في منتصف الحلقات لتظهر الصورة الكاملة للسلسة في الحلقات الاخيرة
شكرا على مرورك وتعليقك

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