All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

Failure to launch

The place is a state of the art space exploration control center, the time is the few seconds before a major launch of a rocket into the space , the countdown is heard loud all over the place ,with people in white lab coats  watching numerous monitors and screens, the countdown reaches it's last : five! ..four! ..three!..two!! 

But then

nothing happens and the whole place goes into darkness, not even a sound of a whisper nor a blink of a one of a million little colorful lights that flooded the place seconds ago, a few seconds later you hear someone snoring, it start with the sound of one person, and then it follows with an orchestra of snoring with all white coats guys collapsed to their desks 

That’s how I love to imagine the things going inside of my head , I know.. I know.. to much imagination , but let us move to the real deal.

Recently I have been having a bit of a problem with waking up in the morning , I used to take pride with my unconscious  sense of time, I could wake up just in the exact time I wanted to ,so accurate that you could set your watch on it , now it failing me terribly.
It started a month ago and it’s totally annoying , I wake up every morning either late by half an hour , or worse I might wake up too early that I decide to go back to sleep then I would wake up hours late.
My phone have failed in this task, the rings aren’t loud nor disturbing enough to wake me up, plus I always prefer to keep the damn thing off anyway, my guess it is now the time to get an old fashion alarm clock, at least for a while , until they can replace all the crew of the control center with properly qualified  and motivated personals , I'm outsourcing  their jobs to a Chinese alarm clock.

Sweet dreams everyone, but not the guys in white coats, for you I wish honorable dreams and nightmares 


elekomm - إليكــم said...

السلام عليكم

كما يقولون " النوم سلطان " ولكن إذا زاد عن حده يصبح سلطان ظالم



All ways a Stranger said...

اخشى ان فحوى الموضوع فاتك
المشكلة هنا ليست في طغيان النوم ولكن في فقدان القدرة على تحديد موعد الاستيقاظ بدقة , هذا شي كان طابعا في عاداتي ولسبب ما غاب عني.

ادام الله علينا وعلكيم الصحة والعافية

Meme said...

oh it's nothing you probably just getting old! :)

well i think it's your body's call of help..maybe youre life style started to get more stressfull?..anyway until u get back to your normal habit i strongly advice u to buy one of those alarms u talked about.

take care

All ways a Stranger said...

Hey meme
You can be right and yet you can be wrong about it,you have read my post, and you must have noticed that i don't want to trouble my head into thinking of reasons , the outcome always is what matter.
so until i can trust my internal watch again, i will relay on the alarm clock to make sure my timing will always be accurate.
thanks for replaying to my post

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