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Face blind

Almost every day I get asked the same question, don't you know me?

It is always my greatest embarrassment, people would usually assume that I am a careless arrogant person; many get upset when I fail to recognize them.
The truth is that I have this case named face blindness; it is something that makes me unable to see the difference between one face and another!
In fact even when I cannot recognize faces of those around me, I always had my ways to tell who are they, whether it was the places that I expect to met those people, their clothes , their walk, or even their sounds.

Even so, all these methods fail sometimes, and it may happen in the times of great importance to me, I don’t know when it started, but it been with me for so long, at least since my primary school years, never got to recognize my teachers and my school mates, it get hard when asked to deliver something or a message to someone (you can’t say you don’t know that person).

Think of someone who watch the movie 'Saving Private Ryan', without being able to get the story right (all actors in military uniforms), so all characters looks like each other speaks like others. 
What is happening to me is that I only know my neighbors if they were in my neighborhood, my co workers only at work and so on,and that isn't enough to save me from embarrassment :-( 

All that has a bad effect on my social life, and my work, all I do is to try to limit that effect as much as I can


Meme said...

i suffer nearly from the same case ..i have a problem with memorizing names... so i know how embarrassing it is to be in your situation..
may god help you :)

All ways a Stranger said...



welcome to my blog, my issue isn't with names (by the way i have that too) it's with faces they look all the same , cant use faces to identify people

strange as it maybe ,but kind of got used to it

again thanks for your visit

مـــــنى و هنـــد said...

salam alikom brother this is the first time we vist ur blog so best regards we liked ur blog ,,and it will never be the last >>althw am medical student i really i don`t know the exact cause of ur problem but we have learned that the memory has many component i`e visual,audiable, n so on the degree of strength deffrint between one to another some ppl thier visual memory more strong they will remember the faces n forget the names n those whome audiable memory more strong will remember the name n forget the faces so how to over come it u know the game buzzel u can practice with it start with easy levels then to more complicated ones day after day u will note the improvment ,,,try n tell me deal?
finally am happy to vist ur blig n am waitin ur vist to my simple blog with my friend regards n respection ur sis Mona

All ways a Stranger said...

W. Salam sister
I'm glad that you liked my humble blog, also it is so kind of you to offer your advice regarding my issue with faces :)
When you can't change something no matter how hard you try, you learn to live with it,I didn't give up on improving my ability to recognize faces , but i found ways around this is what I have done, usually this case happen with people after a head injury , although it may not the case with me , nothing like that I can recall.
p.s. I've been to your blog already before writing my response, and be sure I will be regular to it

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