All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

A product of circumstances

Written on the package
Ingredients: Contain the following Ingredients in various amounts: thoughts, hopes, dreams, faith, compassion, desire, emotions.
May contain traces of selfishness and other impurities.
Warning Exposure to other products and elements my alter ingredients values and effect the product behavior and character.
Production date: usually 9 months before delivery date see the top of the package for delivery date.
Expiration date: TBD by creator
Instruction: Handle with care when opening package, it should be done by trained professionals in specialized location.
Should be taken care of, guided and provided with the proper motivations for optimal results.
Known defects: ignorance and misjudgments are always reported with this product, these can be controlled with a great success if the right amounts of humbleness and truthfulness were provided.
Warranty expires if the product was subjected to other already corrupted products.
This product has the capacity of self repair and self heal by choice and/or if inspired by other products, depending on qualities introduced to the product.


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