All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

The Daily corner

I have neglected this place for some time now, I admit it never grow up to my aspiration  at some point , but I guess the time of change has come! 

If some crazy Google searching formula throw you at my blog , then that by itself  is no reason to make it worse and bore you with uninteresting or outdated material

The big change will the daily corner  which will be a daily post I shall make to this blog, the content will vary in the daily corner, it may be short or it maybe long, it might be a picture or a video, I won't apply any standard or rule except that it has to be regular.

Beside the daily corner post , I will continue to use this blog as my own scrapbook and as such there will be other posts to be written.

Also for those who kept checking up my blog "I extend my thanks" you might noticed that I got the old theme back on after it was lost by my own clumsiness, I love this theme and I'm sure glad I could get it back

Thanks for taking reading this and it will be a pleasure to see you back at this page sometime soon.


مـــــنى و هنـــد said...

welcome back>>>and waiting all your new posts

Keep going

Best regards


All ways a Stranger said...

Thanks for your visit sister, and I hope I wont disappoint

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