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Post No:5   Tuesday 14 DEC 2010

Maybe there is a million thing that Doesn't make sense to me, things that I fail to understand the logic behind; to name few of these they are things like  decaffeinated coffee , diesel engined BMW's ,internet social networking services and the list goes on.
The one that I can't run away from is reality TV ,I have to admit I never understood reality TV , it is just more fake than usual TV programs and yet they are hugely popular, believe me I tried to watch these show several times but never could watch for more then few minutes.

What i fail to understand why shall i care for someone try to act his his own self, i can get better performance from real people out there in real , not in Television , to not be misunderstood I must clarify that I don't say that people should stop watching something they find entertaining, I just say I never got it!


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