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Post No:3  DATE SUNDAY 5 DEC 2010

This post is a little different then what came before, this time it is about something happened in a country named  Rwanda ,back in 1994 one of the worst massacres in the recent history toke place over there, and that I guess is a something everyone knows about
one side of that disaster is hardly told ,  these events were black mark in the record of humanity ,every one has turned his back to the country in crisis, well that maybe not totally true, there was a shining spot of light in the middle of the darkness , you may have seen the film Hotel Rwanda which try to introduce the viewer to these events, the fact the film has more of giving some more positive light on some part of the tragedy while ignoring the brightest parts of the efforts to save life

the story began when one little country in Europe go by the name of Belgium went following steps of it's neighbors and became a colonial power, as any other colonial aspiring force of the time they adopted the oldest trick of the book which is the ancient policy of divide and conquer.
the Belgians didn't face much of resistance yet they found it to their advantage to divide the local population according to the tribes system 
the two tribes that inhabited Rwanda  were the Huto and the Tutsi , but there was something else to bother the Belgians , there was a small minorty of muslims in the country , and as every christian colonial power did, it was this minorty that will suffer the most, while the proccese of converting the local population to christianty was going on was there also the encurgment of prosecuting the muslims with so much false claims being implanted in the minds of the newly converted Rwandans
time passed on and the trend of colonialism became an old fashion, the Belgians went home but they left bhind a ticking time bomb 
in 1994 the presedent of rwanda plan expolded , and the tutsi reles were balmed for it, this set in motion the dramatic rise of the raical hatered twoard the tutsi, and within few days the killing were in every street in the country 
at this point the scared tutsi population tried to escape, the first place was of course their local churches , but there was the shock, the preachers turned them away at best by telling the refugees that god no longer want them , other went so far to gather as much as possible or the women and children in their churches just to hand them to the killing huto mobs, there werr even stroies of presiets leading the killing groups in the streets, and even nuns participated in the kiling with ture enthuaism 
these were the events going on in Rwanda  during the massacers , but there was something else
the muslims of Rwanada , the prescuted minority with both Tutsi and Hutu were in it had their moment to stand up and say no
In musiqes there were the calles condming the killings, and as the minorty fellt more attached to their relegion then to racal defernces , it was told that if a muslims would go out and particepate in the the vilonce he will first has to renounce his religion , and no one did
The masques were open to receive those who seek refuge , also the houses of Muslims,  they never turned anyone away ,even with so little they have and so few they are,they showed that true courage is really is and they acted in the best way someone could imagen.
In Rwanda these days if someone went to a church he will be killed and if he went to a mosque he will live 
What happened after the war is another story, but in these days it was true test of what is false and what is right, only extreme test expose the real value of faith
I'm well knowledgeable about the great history of Islam and the history of my people , but when hear these stories I just feel more proud of being a Muslim



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